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Design & Consultation service

When you have good ideas but not sure how to visualize it and whether it could work, we are the right person to assist you. With years of experience in both academy and industry, IDSG could provide technical guidance on 2D/3D modelling and system-level integration. 

Simulation & Rapid Prototyping service

After you have the confirmed concepts, IDSG could provide static and dynamic FEM & CFD analysis. Based on the simulation results, the design would be optimized and 3D printed for verification. Other than plastics, metal material is also available for rapid prototyping. 

Customization service

When you encounter difficulties to find standard parts and equipment, IDSG could step in and help to customize, tailored to your inquiry. 

Scale-Up service

Once you have successfully experimented in a laboratory, IDSG is happy to provide scale-up service to help you to bring your prototype to the next level of scaling. 

Production service

Ready to market? IDSG is able to build automated production lines for you or even run component-level productions in house.

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